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Bhutan Landmark Tour

Touring experience focused on important and religious landmarks.

Biking in Bhutan

Tour focused on biking experience on mountain terrain of Bhutan.

Bird Watching Tour

The tour offers an immersive journey into the rich avian diversity of Bhutan.

Cultural and Hiking Tour

A renowned trekking through the timeless unique culture and tradition.

Stating from US$ 285.00 per tourist

Glimpse of Bhutan Cultural Tour

A brief but captivating overview.

Highlights of Central Bhutan

Offers glimpse of rich culture & stunning landscape.

Jambay Lhakhang Festivals

A celebration of Bhutanese religious, spiritual cultural traditions.

Jumolhari Trek

A scenic journey around the majestic Jumolhari Mountain in Bhutan.

Paro Festival

A colorful annual event that showcase Bhutanese culture and spirituality.

Thimphu Drupchen Festival Western Bhutan

A vibrant sacred festival in Bhutan.

Ura Festival and Bumthang Cultural Trek

A rich celebration in the picturesque Ura Valley.

Western Bhutan Cultural Tour

Covers the important religious landmarks immersion in natural biodiversity.