We specialize in guiding you to experience the uncommon elements of Bhutan. We take great pleasure in customizing tours which are off the beaten path and provide unforgettable adventures.

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We take immense pride in our ability to craft custom-made tour programs …

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Bhutan’s unique tourism policy, which focuses on high-value, low-impact tourism …

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Bhutan, the “Land of the Thunder Dragon,” is a breathtakingly beautiful country …

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Bhutan, with its mystical charm and unspoiled beauty, is a destination tailor-made ….

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    Most Popular Tours

    Stating from US$ 285.00 per tourist

    Glimpse of Bhutan Cultural Tour

    A brief but captivating overview.

    Western and Central Bhutan Cultural Tour

    Offers visiting rich cultural landmarks.

    Druk Path Trek (Paro - Thimphu)

    A picturesque trekking experience.
    Sports Activity

    Biking in Bhutan

    Tour focused on biking experience on mountain terrain of Bhutan.

    Jumolhari Trek

    A scenic journey around the majestic Jumolhari Mountain in Bhutan.

    Thimphu Drupchen Festival Western Bhutan

    A vibrant sacred festival in Bhutan.

    Jambay Lhakhang Festivals

    A celebration of Bhutanese religious, spiritual cultural traditions.

    Paro Festival

    A colorful annual event that showcase Bhutanese culture and spirituality.

    Punakha Festival and Cultural Programme

    Annual traditional cultural festival.

    Cultural and Hiking Tour

    A renowned trekking through the timeless unique culture and tradition.

    Western Bhutan Cultural Tour

    Covers the important religious landmarks immersion in natural biodiversity.

    Flight Schedules and Airlines

      Bangkok – Paro

    7x per week

     Kathmandu – Paro

    7x per week

     Singapore – Paro

    3x per week

     Delhi – Paro

    7x per week

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    Upcoming Events

    Mushroom Festival

    Start date: August 15, 2024 - End date: August 16, 2024
    Location: Genekha, Thimphu

    Matsutake Mushroom Festival

    Start date: August 23, 2024 - End date: August 24, 2024
    Location: Ura, Bumthang

    Tour of the Dragon Bicycle Race

    Date: September 5, 2024
    Location: Bumthang to Thimphu

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    Upcoming Event

    Jambay Lhakhang Festival

    The Jambay Lhakhang Festival is a captivating and spiritually …

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    Bumthang Festival

    With the start of fall season, comes the most exciting festivals that takes place in the heart of the kingdom.
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    Tour Reviews


    Western Bhutan Cultural Tour

    We had an amazing tour in Bhutan with Rainbow ! Our guide Dorji Longchula (El) and Driver Phurpa were amazing ! A world of knowledge and just fun to be around. Thank you Yangchen for being so flexible and making our time in Bhutan wonderful.
    If your thinking about visiting Bhutan you should use Rainbow and you can even request El & Phurpa.